Institute of Social Safety is an unique group of practitioners and educators in the field of broadly understood safety. Our foundation aim is to raise the level of safety and security through educational activities. We advise on how to effectively cooperate in crisis situations. The foundation includes experts who deal with: anti-terrorist education (provided by former soldiers of the elite GROM Special Forces), human rights, intercultural competences and counteracting radicalisation and extremism.

Educational programs and trainings are focused on the development of practical skills and cover the topics:

  • anti-terrorist education
  • recognising and counteracting all forms of radicalization
  • crisis management (safety)

Our educational work is aimed mainly at employees of schools and other educational institutions. But we also train police and army, workers of banks and other financial institutions, stadiums stewards and operators of sports facilities, hotels and restaurants workers etc.

We’ve already trained thousands of people who value the quality of our educational programs.

The current activities of the Institute of Social Safety are complemented by VIDEOBLOG „Social Safety”, which is run by our experts who give advices concerning everyday safety, and the „Leader of Safety” COMPETITION in which we award safety promoters, including: companies, schools, local governments, social organizations etc.



Prevent, anticipate, react!


Contact us:


Jacek Purski (Chairman):

+48 507 166 196