We believe that all people should feel safe and live free of fear. However, in today’s world, there is a growing sense of insecurity, threat, and fear. This often leads to the polarisation of views and attitudes and sets a dangerous process of radicalisation in motion. We work to introduce strategic preventative measures, based on expertise and practice, to ensure a higher level of safety in our daily lives.



The Institute of Social Safety (IBS) offers comprehensive training and consultancy in the areas of providing security, preventing and countering radicalisation. In schools, local governments, corporations and companies, the Police, and other law-enforcement agencies, as well as to personnel responsible for safety in football stadiums. Within our scope of activities, we contribute to ensuring more safety and security in our neighborhoods and helping our children learn within a secure schooling environment.



Institute of Social Safety (IBS) is Poland’s leading organisation which addresses safety in today’s society. The foundation was established by a group of the leading experts and trainers in the country which specialise in antiterrorist education and crisis management. Our team includes Ex-service officers of the Military Unit GROM who have participated in international missions and anti-terrorist operations; former police officers also Internal Security Agency officers (ABW) as well as former Ministry of Internal Affairs officials. The IBS experts were responsible for ensuring safety and security during the UEFA Euro 2012 Championship in Poland and Ukraine.

On team are experts in preventing and countering radicalisation in Poland – which include lawyers, psychologists, specialists in human rights, and trainers in intercultural competence.

We regularly work with international organisations such as the European Commission’s – Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN). We partner with other respected European civil society organisations. Together we develop and run awareness-raising preventative social campaigns geared towards young people and projects aimed at establishing multi-agency teams dealing with the prevention and countering of radicalisation.

In 2019 we set up Poland’s first Multi-Agency Radicalisation Prevention and Countering Expert Team. The team draws inspiration from the best proven European practices and transfers them to the Polish context. We develop working methods for a multi-agency approach to radicalisation and related recommendations for local governments; we also offer innovative systemic solutions with the potential for nationwide roll out.

Currently, we have over 30 experts and trainers within our team. We operate based on the most recent global trends in safety and radicalisation prevention. The members of our team have been trained by experts from the European Commission, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe / Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and instructors from elite US, UK, and German special forces.

Our trainers have co-authored such books which include ‘Education for Safety’, ‘Mass Events. Organisation, Security, Good Practices’ and many specialist publications. We often work with the media as experts on safety and radicalisation.



The training we provide is innovative and effective because, as the only organisation in Poland, we combine issues linked to safety in society (antiterrorist education, crisis management, etc.) with the detection and prevention of radicalisation.

We offer consultations regarding the development of Protection Plans of Areas, Facilities, and Equipment (with the ‘Anti-terrorist appendix’) and security/safety of the critical infrastructure. We develop strategies, provide assistance during mass gatherings and events, carry out assessments of, and monitor the radicalisation process, we can also offer safety audits for public administration institutions and companies.

We place a special emphasis on strengthening practical skills. We use a variety of methods to motivate participants of our training workshops to develop adequate attitudes and responses in situations that threaten their safety. We have been providing active training workshops since 1999 and have trained thousands of people who place a high value on our training programs.

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Instytut Bezpieczeństwa Społecznego
Institute of Social Safety

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